General Information

1.1. This Company ensures the security of the Customer and will never resell or impart any of the Customer's particular personal data or credit card information with any third party. All the online transactions are handled through the secure and dependable online installment frameworks given by This safeguards the Customer from the danger of having the payment information taken. The Company, on the other hand, does not completely ensure against all exposures of the charge card's information that may happen outside reasonable control.

1.2. Some pages on the Company's site demand that the Customer give their name, email address, street address, and telephone number (for instance, when completing the order form). The Company does not utilize this qualified data for any possible reason other than confirmation and to contact the Customer concerning the Order. All supplemental documents given by the Customer to pass the Verification Process are erased from the Company's database directly after the check is finished.

1.3. Direct contact between the Customer and the Writer is forbidden to keep the particular informative content of the Customer safe and private. The Customer is welcome to utilize various interactive features from the Company and a qualified Support Team is accessible for the Customer 24/7.

1.4. Information given by the Customer in the Order depiction and in extra records required for Order consummation promptly gets to the Writers once the Order is paid. The Company does not take responsibility for the qualified data voluntarily revealed by the Customer when submitting a Request and urges the Customer to abstain from giving any individual such information or charging qualified information (i.e. Client's telephone number, message address and so on) and in addition revealing the Customer's character when speaking with the Writer through the Messaging System.

Terms of Usage

2.1. The Company offers services that allow qualified writers to provide written works for reference purposes only. Accordingly, it is understood that the Company does not make any guarantees regarding the Customer's academic grades as a conclusion or outcome of submission of the Product to any scholastic establishment. The reason for this Agreement is to give the Customer a unique reference archive or identified administrations as per the Customer's directions. Everything given by the Company is planned for research/reference purposes only. The Company does not likewise take responsibility for inability from the Customer to study the material secured by the Product or dishonorable utilization of examination held there.

Process of Placing the Order

3.1. Making the Order. When putting in the required information in the Order form, it is completely the Customer's responsibility to give a correct email address and telephone number so that the Company can contact Customer when needed. There may be various reasons throughout the Order process when making contact with the Customer is urgent. Inability to give a good email address or the correct telephone number can influence whether or not the Order will be completed on-time and will be in violation of the terms and regulations of this Agreement. This may accelerate confiscation of any case to the inferred guarantee by the Customer. The Company can't start working on the Customer's Order until the Customer has paid for the complete price of the Product(s) or service(s). The Company does not agree to take the responsibility for the Customer not paying on-time.

3.2. Guidelines. Since the Company works dependently upon the Customer's directions, these guidelines must be clear and exact. In the event that the directions are not clear and supplemental directions are requested to finish the Order, the Company can't satisfy any implicated guarantee. The Customer is advised that once the Order is completed that any modification must be dependent upon the introductory necessities and portrayal of the first Order. Any progressions from the starting directions of the Order will be acknowledged as "editing". This is a supplemental administration and the Company won't direct any free corrections that is distinctive or changes from the definitive Order prerequisites or alternate depictions. Directions and extra queries must be sent soon after a Writer is appointed to the Customer's Order. Inability to meet this necessity will be in violation of this Agreement.

3.3. Sources. The Writer is permitted to utilize any significant source accessible for the fulfillment of the ordered assignment meaning books, diaries, daily papers, meetings, online productions, etc. unless the Customer indicates that some specific sources should be utilized or disregarded. In case the Customer requires particular sources that are critical to complete the Order, the Company might anticipate that the Customer will give them the needed time plan recorded beneath.
  • 12 hours - or less: Instructions and all sources must be appropriated within the first 20 minutes.
  • 12 hours - 24 hours: Instructions and all sources must be appropriated within the first 1 hour.
  • 48 hours - 10 days: Instructions and all sources must be appropriated within the first 8 hours.
Inability to do so will bring a violation of the terms and regulations of this Agreement and nullification of any case to the suggested guarantee or warranty.

3.4. Matching the Academic Level. In the case that the wanted scholarly level selected by the Customer is at the inappropriate academic/quality level (either by mistake or otherwise), the Customer accepts all risk for such an error. It is the Customer's sole responsibility to pick the correct scholastic level that best fits the needed services when making the Order. Assuming that the Customer has made a mistake while submitting a Request, the Customer must contact the Support Team promptly for help.

3.5. Our Messaging System. The Messaging System is a simple and helpful system to use. The Customer can check texts for any upgrades from the Support Team or from the Writer. The Customer can expeditiously address any inquiries, concerns, or give supplemental directions utilizing this conversational feature. Inability or disregard to check the Messaging System is not sufficient ground for a compensation of services presented. Assuming that the Customer does not know how to utilize the Messaging System, the Customer may contact the Support Team at whatever time (as The Company works 24/7) for help or guidelines.

3.6. Errors while placing the Order. The Company reserves the right not to process or to resubmit the Customer's Order on the off chance that the items showed are conflicting to or don't match the Order's original details. Inability to give the right details or picking the wrong Product, due date, development demands, or Writer level might require extra installments. The Customer will be reached to support any supplemental charges or demands.

3.7. Following Order Progress. The Customer is welcomed to stay in touch with the Support Team/Writer and to follow the Order Progress through the Customer's individual record on the site. The potential statuses of the request are:

Order is not paid - but if the Order is enlisted in Company's database, the Customer can proceed with the installment for the Company to begin working on it.

Research has begun - Order is effectively paid and accessible for the Writers at the selected level.

Arranging - the Writer has been chosen to be assigned to the Order.

Order is completed. You can download it - the Product has been transferred for the Customer's survey. The Customer is welcome to download it from the Customer's individual record on the site.

Request is returned for correction - A Writer has been asked to revise the Order following Customer instructions.

Hold - the Order has been put on Hold by the Support Team, the Writer has stopped working on it for a while. The reason for this hold is located in the Private Messaging System of the Customer's profile.

Canceled - the Order has been canceled.

Satisfaction Guarantee

4.1. The Product requested is ensured to be unique and delivered on time. All Orders are checked by the most anti-counterfeiting programs in the business to guarantee that the Product is 100% unique with anti-plagiarism software. The Company has a zero tolerance policy towards plagiarism.

4.2. The Company can't ensure that proofreading, editing, and formatting services will be written without any plagiarism. Papers and different materials that are not composed or made by the Company will not be routinely examined or checked on for any frequency of copyright infringement. The Company should not discount any sum on the off chance that a proofread/formatted paper or Product is acknowledged to be appropriated.

4.3. Cancellations or refunds should be passed and communicated in writing by utilizing the Order Messaging System or by emailing the Support Team. If the Order is delivered to the Customer after the specified due date, the Customer may solicit a fractional or full discount. But this is very unlikely to happen as the Company always completes all Orders on time.

4.4. If the Customer thinks that the final Product is poor quality writing and wants a refund, undeniable reasons must be provided. Then the request will be forwarded to the QA (Quality Assurance) Department for investigation. The Company reserves the right to ask for supplementary materials to support the request. If the required documentation is not provided, the QA Department may decline the request.

4.5. The Company is not responsible for the inability of the Customer to study the material secured by the Product or for ill-advised utilization of examination held therein and no discount should be made by the Company in the event that the Customer appropriates a bad grade.

4.6. Store Credits acknowledged by the Customer as a payment for any chance Company failures are non-refundable. In the event that it goes unused in 365 calendar days from the day of collection, Store Credits issued will be charged from the Customer's separate record will never again be accessible for utilization.

4.7. The Company maintains complete authority to contact the Customers via message regarding new administrations, rebates, new offers, and other viable qualified information that the Company may consider helpful to the Customers.

4.8. Short Message Service (SMS) Alerts permit the Customers to get alerts on their cellphones via SMS text message. By submitting a Request, the Customer consents to accept cellular telephone alerts and messages from the Company. The Company additionally maintains all authority as needed to modify or alter any SMS Alerts at whatever time without further notification to the Customer concerning new offers and rebates. The Company won't take responsibility for any extra charges for Company SMS Alerts that may be charged against the Customer by the mobile service operator.
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