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An article review is a common writing assignment that students in college are being given by their tutors nowadays. Under this article, a student is expected to evaluate and summaries other authors work. They are supposed to identify the central theme of the given article, give their supporting arguments and highlight areas for further research.

Professors usually use article reviews as a method of introducing their students to the works of experts in the field. These articles contribute to the students’ overall grade. Therefore, every student is usually under pressure to submit an excellent paper so that they can get a good grade.

You can see that the preparation for this kind of article is very time-consuming. This is because the student has to take time to go through the given article for a number of times until they make sure that they completely understand it. After that, they have to make sure that they identify the central theme and then take their time to formulate ideas to support it. They then have to sit down and prepare the article itself.

This is usually very challenging for the students. Remember, these students do only attend that one class. Therefore, they still have to tackle all the other assignments that they have been given in these other classes. You will agree with me that professors do not care if students have other assignments to do, they only expect them to finish these assignments and hand them in on time. Remember, most of these assignments are usually given very tight deadlines. This makes it very difficult for the students to be able to do everything by themselves and still be able to beat the set deadlines.

Nowadays, students are also expected to attend attachment programs. These programs are usually a prerequisite for their graduation. This then puts an extra strain on the already busy days of these students. This is where the students start to look for academic help services to help them finish these assignments on time.

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A book review is essentially a critical evaluation of a text that you have read. It is important to note that this review is never merely a summary. It is commentary. It enables you to enter into a discussion with the author of the book you are writing a book review on together with other audiences.

In your review, you are allowed to voice your disagreements or agreements with the author. You are allowed to give any opinion you might have with regards to the book. The main thing to remember when writing this review is to always be honest.

Get A Professional Answer to What is Article Review

This is a document where a writer asses and summarizes another person’s work. There are two types of article reviews. These are the literature review and critical review. A critical review or critical analysis is where you only give the main ideas or arguments of the book in question. You do not have to include everything. You only have to extract the most important ideas from the article you are reviewing.

However, in a literature review, the aim is to give your audience an overview of the research you have done on your topic while still evaluating the sources you are reviewing. Therefore, under this type of review, you have to evaluate and analyze many topics under a specific topic. You do not just have to give the main idea alone.

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